Hello! I’m Rachel.

Thank you so much for stopping by! I strive to be your top choice for La Porte, Texas wedding photographers. I could fill this with a bunch of cheesy stuff about how I love romance, well…. all of that is true! However, this is reallllly the part where I tell you how awesome I am and why you want me to be apart of your wedding day or editorial project. So let me count the ways.

- I love chasing taco trucks and finding the best coffee.
-Spent 4 years Active Duty in the United States Coast Guard
-Bachelors of Fine Arts in Photography
-South Mississippi and Louisiana roots combined with my love of Texas, you have a southern belle with with a spicy side.
-Need a friend to complain about wedding planning? I got you boo. Let’s grab a margarita.
- If you bring your dog, I take tips in kisses and cuddles from the puppy.
- I can handle a bunch of drunk groomsmen better than a litter of kittens.
-I love to get dirty. I love the great outdoors, anything homesteading, and hunting.
-I have a love for the sea. Beachside engagements my my soul happy!
- No idea is too crazy. Trust me.


So, what’s with the name?

Brass and Veil is almost 7 years in the making! It combines my love of timeless ideas and love of all things romantic. We all know what a Veil is (I would hope!) and it pays homage to the classic part of a bridal wardrobe. I won’t bore you with the details of where the wedding day veil actually comes from, but its a interesting read! (Click here!) I absolutely love the crazy that a wedding day brings. I jumped in feet first to this industry over 6 years ago and haven’t looked back since.
The Brass is where I bring my love of the outdoors in. After going back into the marketing world full time, and for a brief stint, I found myself working for one of the largest online firearm optics and accessories dealers. This is where I found my love for product and lifestyle photography. When I am not photographing weddings or families you can find me at the range working on projects for company's large and small. Combine my love of both forms of crazy, we have Brass+Veil Creative!

*Brass + Veil Creative is formerly know as Rachel Marie Photography*